A 300-pound alligator was caught taking a dip in a Florida swimming pool.

Connie and Frank Shaffery, of Sarasota, said they spotted the sneaky reptile Wednesday morning while going outside to enjoy a cup of coffee.

"Frank stood up to look out at the pool and said Holy Goodness or something like that! There was an alligator in the pool," Connie Shaffery told WFTS.

The couple said their dog was barking at 4 a.m., but they didn’t take notice at first.

A Florida state wildlife trapper told WWSB that the creature weighed 300 pounds and was likely 15 to 20 years old. It was safely removed from the pool, video footage shows.

"It broke through the screen and Frank repaired the screen, but other than that it was pretty much no damage," Connie Shaffery said.