Florida college student wore 'real ammunition' as part of 'Terminator' costume, police say

A University of Central Florida student was detained after he donned a Halloween costume that involved "real ammunition," police said.

The 20-year-old student, who was only identified as a junior at the school, was reported to university police for dressing up as the "Terminator" — a killer robot played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in a series of famed movies.

UCF Chief of Police Carl Metzger told reporters Tuesday afternoon the student's costume consisted of a large leather jacket and a bandolier of gunshot shells.

"While it's not illegal to have ammunition on campus, it certainly is in poor taste given the events of the past week," Metzger said.


The department received one phone call about the costume, and officers arrived on the scene quickly. After speaking with the "Terminator," it was determined "that there was no threat to campus," the police chief said.

He added the student seemed "a little bit taken aback by it" and "didn't realize what exactly [his costume] meant to some people."

"This was just a Halloween costume. There was no ill intent on this student's part," Metzger said. "However, certainly it was not the smartest thing to do."

Authorities were concerned they only received one call about the "alarming costume." Metzger said that "when you see something like that, we expect to get calls, we want you to call. We should've had dozens of calls from everyone who saw this individual."

One day ahead of Halloween, the police chief acknowledged that students would dress up for the holiday — but warned to "make good choices, use good judgment."

The student who was detained on campus Tuesday was released soon after police questioned him. While there was no criminal offense, Metzger said the department might refer him to the school's Office of Student Conduct.