Fla. man lends truck to stranger for beer run, claims carjacking when stranger doesn't return

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Lending one's truck to a stranger to make a beer run is stupid. Compounding that by telling police you were carjacked is stupider. But Daytona Beach police said a 33-year-old man did both recently. He called police May 27 to say possibly armed men ordered him out of the truck while stopped at a light at 4 a.m.

Police reviewed video taken by a camera at the intersection and found nothing. When investigators confronted the alleged victim, he confessed he had lent the truck to a man he'd met while drinking at a motel. He said the man said he wanted to get more beer but never returned.

He told police he lied about the carjacking because he was embarrassed.

He was charged with making a false police report.