FBI Discovers Rolodex of Mob Contacts in New York City Butcher Shop

A New York butcher unwittingly offered up a gold mine of info to investigators after FBI agents reportedly discovered a Rolodex in his shop listing all of his contacts in organized crime.

Mike “The Butcher” Virtuoso, owner of Graham Avenue Meats & Deli in Brooklyn, kept names, numbers, nicknames and mob titles in an extensive file at the store, the New York Post reports.

Some of the names in the Rolodex included "Johnny Sideburns Cerello" and "Glenn the Wheel Guadagno," – both members of Lucchese organized crime family -- Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephen Frank told a judge.

Prosecutors say the FBI also uncovered newspaper clippings about cases involving mobsters, the New York Post reports.

Authorities hope to use the materials to prove that Virtuoso is an active participant in New York mob operations.

But Virtuoso’s lawyer shot back, saying his client has an “impeccable work history" and has not admitted to playing a role in organized crime.

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