Famous dropout Salinger still creates mystique at Pa. college, where writers live in his dorm

Students at tiny Ursinus (ur-SY'-nus) College are among the many fans of J.D. Salinger eagerly awaiting a new movie about him.

The reclusive author of "The Catcher in the Rye" and onetime Ursinus student is the subject of a documentary opening Friday.

Salinger spent only one semester at Ursinus in 1938 before dropping out. But his legacy remains.

A relatively new scholarship allows one promising writer to live in Salinger's old dorm room each year. School officials say the writing prize has created a thriving community of aspiring authors on the campus near Philadelphia.

The film "Salinger" attempts to shed light on the life and work of the intensely private man, who died in 2010.

A companion biography says unpublished Salinger material will be released starting in 2015.