Family ties: New York rushes aid to ravaged Puerto Rico

New York state, home to more than 1 million people of Puerto Rican background, is sending a lot more than thoughts and prayers to the hurricane-ravaged island.

Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo has organized an aid package including 34,000 bottles of water, more than 10,000 meals ready to eat, 1,400 cots, and four Black Hawk search-and-rescue helicopters.

Over 100 New York City firefighters, police officers and other workers are in Puerto Rico to help, and Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio is expecting an influx of thousands of Puerto Ricans fleeing the storm's damage.

New York's ties to the U.S. island territory are strong: New York state has the nation's biggest Puerto Rican community outside the island itself.


Klepper reported from Albany, N.Y.