Duck Dilemma Developing in New Jersey

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A duck dilemma is developing in Fair Haven, N.J., over a 12-year-old’s feathered friends.

Nikki Vuille's family bought the duck eggs online and cared for and nurtured them until they hatched. Now they keep them as pets.

But neighbors say the ducks must go, My9News reports.

Vuille says, “They give you unconditional love, like, they play with you, they listen to you.”

But Vuille’s five ducks have rifled a few feathers in her Fair Haven, N.J., neighborhood, leaving local officials with a decision to make.

The borough has a non-domestic animal ordinance, but in the past the council has made individual judgments and is now taking a look at this case.

Fair Haven Mayor Mike Halfacre says, “we have to balance the rights of neighbors against the rights of property owners. Not easy; no matter what you do you will upset residents.”

“Some people have talked about the noise level from quacking. We haven’t really heard, though it’s been winter and the windows are closed,” says neighbor Stacey Ross.

Other neighbors fear the ducks and their droppings could attract rodents or pollute a stream that runs behind the Vuille’s house.

“What if they say 'you can’t have them'? I’ll be so sad. I don’t know what I’d do if I can’t,” Vuille said.

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