Dog peers out of semi after smashing rig into tree, car

Customers at a Minnesota gas station were in for a surprise Friday when they saw golden Labrador retriever drive a semi-truck up onto a curb and into a tree.

Mankato police said the idling truck apparently was put into gear, then went through a parking lot, across the street and over a curb. A passerby discovered the dog sitting in the driver’s seat when he jumped into the truck to stop it, according to The Free Press of Mankato.

David Stegora was at the store when he heard the truck smash into a tree and a parked car. He couldn't see the driver, but saw the dog climb up near the driver's side.

Police say the truck was taken off the road. The driver had left the unoccupied truck running in a nearby parking lot.

Nobody was hurt in the joyride and the semi-truck driver wasn’t issued a citation, according to Fox 9.

Police impounded the rig.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.