Detroit judge: My shirtless photo was a big error

A Detroit judge who bragged about a shirtless photo sent to women says he's embarrassed by a "serious mistake."

In a statement, Wayne County Judge Wade McCree apologized to the public Friday. Earlier this week, he admitted to TV station WJBK that he had taken a picture of himself with a cellphone and sent it to women.

"Clearly, I made an extremely serious error in judgement," the judge wrote in the statement. "I am embarrassed and truly sorry for my actions, which have hurt and caused great pain to my family."

The picture shows the very fit judge from the waist up taking his own picture in front of a mirror. The judge said, "No shame to my game." The husband of a court employee who received the photo has filed a complaint with the Judicial Tenure Commission.

McCree didn't immediately respond to requests for comment. He says he needs prayers as he works "through this issue on a personal and professional level."

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The husband of the court employee who received the photo asked why the judge did not apologize to his family over the picture.

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