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The annual, unsanctioned 4/20 marijuana celebration that attracts thousands to a San Francisco park is getting extinguished this year as the coronavirus pandemic nears its peak across the country.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed said Monday at a news conference that revelers considering a visit to Robin Williams Meadow, known as "Hippie Hill," should just stay away due to stay-at-home guidelines in place to stop the spread of COVID-19.

“I want to be clear with people who come to San Francisco on 4/20 to Robin Williams Meadow to celebrate 4/20,” Breed said Monday. “Do not come to San Francisco on 4/20. We will not allow this unsanctioned event to occur this year, especially at the height of a pandemic."


The unsanctioned marijuana gathering on Hippie Hill happens every year, and the city has allowed it despite rules restricting smoking in public spaces, according to KTVU. This year the unofficial April 20 pot holiday falls on Monday.

Breed told reporters the event has "been a challenge for us for so many years," but that officials in recent years fenced off areas, and banned alcohol and glass inside to make it "a lot more manageable."

Marijuana users smoke marijuana during a 420 Day celebration on 'Hippie Hill' in Golden Gate Park on April 20, 2018 in San Francisco, California. This year, San Francisco's mayor is telling people to stay away due to the coronavirus pandemic. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

But with the coronavirus stay-at-home order, the mayor said the city plans to be "very strict" with policies preventing people from gathering.

The area will be fenced off and roadblocks set up to prevent people from reaching the area.

"We will not tolerate anyone coming to San Francisco for 4/20 this year," Breed said.


In addition to roadblocks, San Francisco police officers will be patrolling the area and if necessary, Breed said they will issue citations and make arrests.

"I just want to say for your own health and safety, please do not come. Please do not come, please do not try and identify another location," the mayor said. "It is not safe for us to gather in large groups of people, especially during a pandemic because the consequences could be deadly."

Last year, about 19,000 people gathered for 4/20 celebrations in the park, according to KTVU.


As of Wednesday, there are 24,579 cases of COVID-19 in California with at least 734 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.