Cooperator in major NYC mob case sentenced to time served, says he's 'scared to death'

A defendant who cooperated in a major mob investigation has been sentenced to time served for driving a getaway car after a killing.

Anthony Russo was sentenced Wednesday in Brooklyn.

According to the Daily News ( ), Russo said in court that he's now "scared to death." He said he contemplates how he ended up in a life of crime.

Russo served 35 months for driving the getaway car in a 1993 hit on underboss Joseph Scopo. The crime occurred during a bloody civil war in the Colombo family.

Russo cooperated after what was billed as one of the biggest Mafia takedowns in FBI history.

In January 2011, authorities announced that they'd charged more than 100 suspected mobsters and associates in the Northeast with murders, extortion and other crimes spanning decades.