Convicted Calif. rapist gets 110 years-to-life for strangling 15-year-old runaway in Hollywood

A convicted rapist who killed a 15-year-old runaway in Hollywood four days after leaving prison has been sentenced to 110 years to life behind bars.

Gilton Pitre was sentenced Wednesday for strangling Alyssa Gomez in a Sunset Boulevard motel in 2007. Her body was dumped in an alley about a mile away.

Investigators say motel video showed him putting her bedding-covered body in a car.

The 38-year-old Pitre had just been paroled after serving time on a drug charge.

Pitre was convicted in May of first-degree murder and unlawful sex with a minor.

The judge said Pitre's criminal history shows he has an "innate hatred for women" and can't be rehabilitated. Besides prison, he was ordered to pay $7,300 for his victim's burial.