A Twitter page featuring Long Island teens participating in underage drinking, nudity and other explicit behaviors has been suspended.

Teens across Nassau and Suffolk County were using the public @LIPartyStories handle to post pictures of their peers covered in vomit, passed out and even nude.

The page, which had up to 25,000 followers, was suspended following outrage.

Suffolk County Police told CBS New York they were aware of the account, but it would only be used as part of a larger investigation if someone filed a formal complaint.

Many warned teens do not fully comprehend the repercussions of publicly posting pictures on social media.

“Once it’s out in cyberspace there’s no taking it back,” Marg Lee of DEDICATEDD told CBS New York.

“If an employer is going to be looking for someone to represent their company you’re not going to want somebody that’s been all over the web,” she said.

The teens often include the name, twitter handle or high school of the person in the photo.

It has not been revealed who is behind the account.