Colorado driver busted for video showing him running stop sign

Colorado cops took the unusual step of citing a driver for running a stop sign after he posted video on Facebook.

Woodland Park Police told Fox21News Tuesday that the Facebook post was enough evidence to slap Michael Dalton with a $60 summons.

“If you’re posting stuff on Facebook or any social media for that matter, that’s illegal. Don’t expect something not to happen,” Sgt. Andy Leibbrand told the station. “If it’s there and if it’s a crime that happened within our jurisdiction and we can show that, then absolutely we’ll follow up with it.”

Woodland police found out about the video and tracked down Dalton.

“That’s mainly why we pursue it, it’s a safety issue,” Leibbrand told the station. “It’s something that we saw that wasn’t being safe and we don’t want that in our town.”

Dalton recorded the video to show followers a shortcut he took through an apartment complex to avoid traffic, according to CBS4.

“Is this where we’re at?” he asked during an interview with the station. “Can they use video from Facebook to give me a traffic violation? Can they do that to everybody?”

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