A Baylor University fraternity has been temporarily suspended while authorities investigate allegations it hosted a Mexican-themed party that was racially insensitive.

According to published reports, several party-goers wore costumes of maids and construction workers, in addition to the traditional ponchos and sombreros, and at one point people started chanting "build the wall, build the wall!"

Baylor University is a private Baptist university in Waco, Texas.

University officials called the events “deeply concerning,” while on Monday more than 200 protested on campus demanding the school foster diversity and inclusion.

The party became the talk of the town after a student posted a strong reaction to a tweet on Sunday saying the party was still going — “Feel free to join the house cleaners," it read.

“A ‘Mexican’-themed party in which guests were encouraged to dress wearing stereotypes of Mexican culture is not the way in which we should unite and celebrate our diversity on campus,” she wrote.

The Hispanic Student Association said in a Facebook post it was developing a “course of action plan” to prevent this from happening again in the 172-year-old institution.

"The act of racial discrimination that occurred off campus [Saturday] evening is completely and blatantly disrespectful, as it is an appropriation and misrepresentation of Mexican heritage," the association posted, as reported by wffa.com.

In a statement Sunday, Kevin Jackson, Baylor vice president for student life, called the party "deeply concerning" and said administrators were investigating.


"Baylor is committed to a Christian mission that actively supports a caring and diverse campus community,” said on Sunday Baylor Vice President for Student Life Kevin Jackson, “and we do not tolerate racism of any kind on our campus."

"When any incident that does not align with our faith and mission is brought to our attention, it is thoroughly investigated by the University, and appropriate action is taken."