Child Found Bound and Gagged in Closet at Scene of Triple Murder in California

A two-year-old boy was found bound and gagged in a closet Tuesday at the scene of a triple murder in California.

The child's parents and another adult -- a woman -- were found dead at the home in Banning, 84 miles (135km) east of Los Angeles, about 12:30pm local time, KTLA reported.

Authorities initially feared the two-year-old was missing, but he was later found in a closet in another room of the house after police conducted a search for about three hours, The Press-Enterprise reported.

The toddler was described as in good condition, but police said the heat may have caused him to pass out, KTLA reported. He was taken to San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital.

The parents of the boy were described as being aged in their late 20s or early 30s and as African American.

Police said the case was beating treated as a triple homicide as there were no indications it was a murder-suicide, according to The Press-Enterprise.