Chihuahua Battles with Rifle-Packing Robbers -- and Wins! (Video)

For this little dog, its bark was just as big as its bite.

Heck, how many Chihuahuas do you know would stare down the barrel of a rifle without blinking?

The miniature dog with a major attitude battled with two would-be robbers – one armed with a rifle – when the suspected bad guys entered an Altadena Smoke Shop. Instead of stolen loot, the boneheaded bandits ended up getting a 2-for-1 special on Chihuahua dog attacks.

The scene unfolded on July 7 when two hooded men ran into the smoke shop and demanded money.

As the store owner began stuffing one of the robbers' packback with cash, the Chihuahua started barking incessantly and even jumped at the men. At one point, one of the men points his rifle at the Chihuahua, but the dog is undaunted.

The heroic pup kept barking and eventually chased off the masked robbers down a Los Angeles street.

The action was all captured on video and released Monday by Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies.

The Chihuahua, nor the store owner, was not hurt.

This is the second courageous canine to come face-to-face with a potentially deadly encounter, and came out on top. Who could forget the dog that took a bite out of the shark in a wayward attack off Australia's beaches?