Chicago TSA agent credited with saving woman from oncoming train

An off-duty TSA agent in Chicago jumped onto the Blue Line subway tracks Wednesday morning to alert an oncoming train that a woman had fallen on the track.

The harrowing scene was caught on video by a news director at DNAinfo Radio and shows Eddie Palacios standing between the train and the woman.

"The young lady fell," Palacios, 50, told the news outlet moments after the incident. "As soon as she fell, I jumped on top of the train [tracks] to make sure that they saw her because I have an orange shirt."

Palacios, the father of two who was married for 26 years, was wearing an orange University of Illinois sweatshirt and headed to work at O’Hare International Airport.

The train eventually slowed and the woman was pulled back onto the platform. The Chicago Tribune reported that the woman had a gash on the back of her head and was taken to the hospital.

A train spokesman told the paper that the train’s operator was alerted about the woman on the track prior to seeing Palacios.

The Tribune reported that the federal security director for O’Hare praised Palacios’ bravery on the TSA’s website.