CDC is not sending people to your door for coronavirus info, police say

Police in New Jersey issued a warning on Monday to residents that the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention is not sending health workers to homes to conduct coronavirus "surveillance," a report said.

VIRUS ENTERING NEW PHASE IN US, EX-HEALTH OFFICIAL SAYS reported that local police departments took to social media to inform the public about the potential safety issue.


Sussex County's government posted a message that if someone claims they're from the CDC, “do not let them into your home” and contact police.

It is not uncommon for the unscrupulous to take advantage of a crisis. It has been widely reported that thieves often target homes during evacuations for flooding or fires. The coronavirus may be no different.

Armed robbers wearing surgical masks made off with over $200,000 in cash at a New York racetrack Saturday night, possibly using the coronavirus as cover. The surgical masks allowed them to blend into the crowd.

The Kenosha Police Department in Wisconsin tried to find some levity amid all the coronavirus fears and announced on social media that it would cancel all crime in the area until further notice.


"Due to the growing concern over the flu, Coronavirus and other sicknesses, the decision was made to cancel all crime in the Kenosha area. We are unsure when this ban will be lifted,” the department said, according to

Fox News' David Aaro contributed to this report