Catholic school suspends 9-year-old for Michael Jackson dance move

A Catholic school in Minnesota has suspended a 9-year-old boy for performing a crotch-grabbing Michael Jackson dance move during a fundraiser.

Mindy Boberg told the Winona Daily News the principal at St. Stanislaus in Winona informed her that her son was being suspended because his performance of "Billie Jean" constituted gross misconduct.

She says principal Pat Bowlin was particularly unhappy with the handful of times the boy, Lenny, reached for his groin area to imitate Jackson's dancing Thursday night.

Bowlin told the newspaper he plans to meet with the family Monday. He declined to comment further, saying it was an internal issue.

Boberg said Lenny has performed similar Jackson dance routines the past two years at the event and the performance was approved during a rehearsal.