Catfish mailbox prank has residents on edge in Central Florida neighborhood

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Many homeowners in St. Cloud, Fla., have reportedly found catfish placed in their mailboxes and yards, raising some concern that the apparent prank may indicate a new trend in the quiet neighborhood.

The incidents were first reported on Monday when a mailman reportedly spotted a 12-inch fish left in a mailbox. The fish’s body was intact, but had traces of blood around the mouth, indicating that it may have been caught in a nearby lake.

“It’s just a fish in my mailbox now, but is something going to happen in the future where someone throws a brick through my window?” Maddison Fertic, a homeowner, asked Fox 35 Orlando. “It just make you wonder."

Homeowners said they are going to report the incident to police.

St. Cloud is roughly 35 miles south of Orlando.

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