Cannabis for Christmas?

Some California dispensaries have reported high numbers in the days leading up to Christmas as customers have bought pot products as apparent stocking stuffers.

Kysa Butler, the assistant general manager of the Oakland-based Magnolia shop, told KTVU on Monday that lines in her store have been steady.

“From the moment we were open at 9 o’clock we had a line,” she said. “We’ve been knocking the lines out quickly but they’ve been steady, too.”

Butler added that people start stocking up on the marijuana-infused products to take away some of the stress the Christmas season has brought them.

“People start stocking up. Sometimes you need a little stress reliever from Christmas shopping or sometimes you need a little something when you meet your family,” she said.

Some customers see the pot treats as the perfect gifts for their loved ones. One person, identified as Christopher, told the station he was about to get some edible treats.

“It’s definitely unique. It just feels like you’re having a snack and then later you want more snacks.” he said.

In California, you must be at least 21-year-old in order to enter a dispensary and purchase products from one. Some Bay Area shops, including Magnolia, allow you to vape inside the store and even have a nurse on hand to assist you if you need it.