Shocking videos show Black Lives Matter protestors clashing with New York City police, according to reports.

One Twitter  video shows a tense scene at the 34th Precinct in Washington Heights on Saturday night as cops in riot gear fought with protestors outside.

One white-shirt officer was captured violently shoving a protester to the ground as he approached a woman who appeared to be getting arrested by the NYPD.

Another video shows protestors briefly stalling traffic for some 20 minutes on the George Washington Bridge.


Six protesters were arrested outside of the 34th Precinct.

Around 100 protesters took part in the rally, first marching from The Bronx into Manhattan. They next marched onto the upper level of the George Washington Bridge at around 7:30 p.m. They then crossed back to Manhattan and rallied at the nearby 34th Precinct.

“As people were speaking, riot cops attacked us, shoving and arresting multiple people for no reason,” wrote Joshua Potash on Twitter, who posted videos.

He continued: “Protesters didn’t do a single thing to provoke. This is why you hear some people say that chanting ‘peaceful protest’ is a waste of breath. They don’t care. Folks were giving speeches and got attacked. A white shirt knocked someone over, and arrests were made at random.”

Twitter users called out government officials for not standing up to the protests.

Said @greg_kemper: “Gov. Cuomo, if you wonder why people are fleeing your state, just watch this. People are tired of this crap and want police to do something about it. It's called Law & Order.”

Added @BrettAdams12 “The Governor and Mayor love this behavior. That’s their army in the streets. They couldn’t care less about tax paying New Yorkers.”