Bird camera fans watch eagle steal osprey chicks from nest; Audubon says viewers 'shocked'

Followers of a popular live bird camera are reeling from a rare glimpse of nature in the raw after witnessing an eagle pluck two osprey chicks from a nest.

Bird fans watch the ospreys on a live camera set up on Maine's Hog Island. The camera offers real-time looks at ospreys named Steve and Rachel. The National Audubon Society says an eagle swooped in and stole chicks named Big and Little while the cameras were running on Friday.

Audubon vice president for bird conservation Stephen Kress says the snatching of the chicks "shocked" viewers of the osprey camera. He's including footage of the capture in a blog post on The post says every bird is "just trying to stay alive and rear its young."



Video of the eagle snatching the osprey chicks: