Baseball cards, bugs and crocodiles: Tune in to FBN for 'Strange Inheritance'

The world’s largest bug collection, an old amusement park and a box full of century-old baseball cards are all among the items spotlighted on "Strange Inheritance," a new treasure-hunt series on Fox Business News.

In a show debuting with back-to-back episodes at 8 p.m. ET Monday night, host Jamie Colby travels the country finding interesting cases of life-changing items passed down to heirs. Colby talks to the new owners of the unique possessions, which also include a crocodile ranch and a tractor collection, and finds out the stories behind each “Strange Inheritance.”

“They learn about themselves, their families and their legacies and they learn through these objects that they inherited all of which are strange, unsual, unique and bizarre that they have a legacy and we tell a    half an hour for each family, of a beautiful story,” Colby told Fox News Channel.

Colby, an attorney who previously worked in accounting and real estate, says she encountered clients whose inheritances sometimes proved beneficial and other times were a burden. Behind each was a tale worth telling, she said.

“I've found this experience of investigating and storytelling to be my most personally rewarding yet,” Colby said.