A group of thieves -- mostly women -- are reportedly stealing credit and debit cards from office buildings, schools, hospitals and churches in Nebraska.

Police in Omaha told the Omaha World-Herald that the suspects have even donned hospital scrubs to avoid suspicion while targeting wallets and purses at the locations. At least 40 people have victimized since the thefts began in June.

Officer Jacob Bettin, a police spokesman, said the thefts have all been committed by women, but some men have been involved in using the stolen credit cards.

"Not all of these victims have reported the crimes right away," Bettin told the newspaper. "Sometimes it is a day or week later. Sometimes people don't know where the theft happened or that it did happen until quite a while later."

Police said the women typically enter commercial buildings in groups of six to eight and then focus on getting into administration areas. The suspects have also been careful not to charge more than $500 on the cards to avoid felony charges.

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