Authorities find veteran's decomposed body, charge 3 family members with collecting his benefits

Police say three family members of a Wainwright home spent the social security payments of a veteran whose body was found badly decomposed in their living room.

Deputies said they made the gruesome discovery while they were following up on a welfare check on 71-year-old Bob Harris, whom neighbors say they hadn't seen for an extended period of time.

Police say they became more suspicious after learning that  Harris' debit card for his social security was still being used. Video shows the suspects using the card for transactions.

Deputies obtained a search warrant and entered the home Tuesday, March 21.

Authorities said while walking through the home after entering, they discovered a badly decomposed, mostly skeletonized, body lying in the living room. The body was uncovered, lying in the open and decomposing only feet away from where the residents slept.

Police are now trying to determine the cause of death.

Three people who lived in the home, a father, mother and daughter have been charged with several crimes. 49-year-old Brian Sorohan faces gross abuse of corpse, theft and failure to report knowledge of a death charges.

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