Aryan Brotherhood leader gets life in power-drill murder over $600 dispute

A man whom authorities described as the second in command of the white supremacist Aryan Brotherhood in Texas was sentenced Friday to life in prison for torturing and killing a man over a $600 dispute.

Michael Lynn Rogers, 48, known as "Texas Mike," was convicted of murdering of Alberto Gonzalez, 34, using a power drill to bore holes into Gonzalez's head, chest and abdomen, authorities said.

To ensure that jurors could leave safely, more than 15 bailiffs were present in the courtroom, the Dallas Morning News reported.

The altercation happened in July 2016, authorities said. Gonzalez had gone to Rogers’ house in West Dallas. Other gang members, including White Knights, and Tango Blast – which consists entirely of Hispanics – were there as well.

Things went awry when Rogers began hitting Gonzalez, whom he accused of taking money from his wallet. Gonzalez reportedly denied doing so.

A White Knight then bashed Gonzalez' legs with a hammer, police said. Another member started hitting Gonzalez on the head with a beer bottle.

Then Rogers then retrieved the power drill and used it on Gonzalez, whose body was later dumped and set on fire next to a lake near Rogers' home.

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