Life is getting a little less stressful for a Houston-area wounded warrior after she received the surprise of a lifetime. Medically-retired U.S. Army Sergeant Demitra Jarrett couldn’t contain her tears after learning she was being gifted with a home.

"I can’t put into words how grateful and appreciative I am for this opportunity to be given something like this, is overwhelming,” said Sgt. Jarrett with tears in her eyes.

"Sgt. Jarrett was just surprised that she’s going to get a brand new mortgage-free home courtesy of Operation Finally Home,” said a smiling Lee Kirgan with the non-profit Operation Finally Home.

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Area businesses are also pitching in and helping build a brand-new home for Sgt. Jarrett, who is afflicted with rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. She also suffers from post traumatic stress disorder and a traumatic brain injury after surviving an explosion while she was deployed in Iraq.

"Actually less than 1 percent of Americans serve in the U.S. military," added Kirgan. "So it’s incumbent upon all of us to do our part to support that 1 percent.” In a morning ceremony, Sgt. Jarrett learned the house, which will be fully-compliant with the American Disability Association, will be built in a beautiful subdivision in Montgomery, Texas and will be all hers.

"I can’t believe it," said Jarrett with a smile. "I feel like I’m dreaming. It’s a final place to live for life.” She was joined by her mother and contacted her son on FaceTime to tell him the good news as he’s away at college taking final exams.

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