Arkansas man in custody after hijacking elementary school bus, police say

A knife-wielding Arkansas man is in custody after he hijacked an elementary school bus with students on board, police say.

The Jacksonville Police Department told Fox 16 there were 11 students and a driver on the bus, but officials say no one was injured.

Authorities say Nicholas John Miller, 22, approached a person in Jacksonville Thursday morning and demanded their vehicle, but they didn't have one, so he decided to board a Pulaski County Special School District bus and take over the wheel.

Miller got on board with the students at a regularly scheduled stop, the Jacksonville Police Department told THV 11.

He then led police on a chase along Highway 5 and was pulled over and arrested after seeing spike strips deployed, police spokeswoman April Kizer said.

Miller has been charged with vehicle piracy, 12 counts of kidnapping and two counts of aggravated assault, Fox 16 reports. Kizer told THV 11 that Miller has had a history of run-ins with police.

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