Arizona man gets 35 years in prison in child abuse case that 'shocked the soul': report

An Arizona man on Tuesday was slapped with a 35-year prison sentence in a case where police said a girl, 3, was duct taped and kept in a closet where she was surrounded with feces, a report said.

The Arizona Republic reported that the girl’s mother was homeless and was only discovered after a man allegedly showed up for sex and smelled the odor.

John Meza, the Mesa police chief, reportedly said the girl was found in 2016 by officers inside a garbage bag that was up to the top of the child’s head.

She was found with bruises and blisters on her body and was so malnourished, she was unable to stand and was sexually abused.

Francisco Rois-Covarrubias was convicted on two counts of kidnapping and attempted child abuse, the report said. He faces a lifetime probation if he is ever released from prison.