Arizona Man Arrested for Stealing Snakes in His Pants

Forget snakes on a plane -- a Mesa man was arrested for having snakes down his pants, the Arizona Republic reported Wednesday.

Eric Fiegel, 22, was picked up on theft charges Tuesday after police said he was caught on video stuffing an albino boa constrictor and several other exotic reptiles down his pants at Predator's Reptile Center on July 30, the paper reported.

What's more, police said it was his second snake-napping of the day.

Fiegel allegedly made off with several baby snakes in the morning, then returned that evening and shoved more reptiles down his trousers.

The Republic quoted police as saying he took the snakes to another pet store, where he traded several for $175 and a large reptile tank.

Fiegel was tracked down after a witness recorded his license plate number.