Amanda Knox says 'Foxy Knoxy' nickname still haunts her: 'The real you is gone'

The salacious nickname thrust on Amanda Knox by tabloids covering her notorious 2007 murder trial haunts her still -- more than a decade after she began "living a double life" as accused sex-game killer "Foxy Knoxy."

Knox, 30, whose conviction in the death of her roomate, Meredith Kercher, was overturned on appeal in October 2011, slammed the media for villainizing and objectifying her during her highly publicized trial in Italy.

“I could have been the kinkiest person in the world it, and it shouldn’t mattered because it has nothing to do with the evidence of the case,” Knox told Newsweek. “The fact that I was accused of orchestrating a rape game — it was so absurd.”

Knox said she’s speaking out to prevent other women from enduring the same scrutiny she faced while accused of Kercher’s death and during her four years in Italian prison.

Amanda Knox said her nickname "Foxy Knoxy" has haunted her for years.

Amanda Knox said her nickname "Foxy Knoxy" has haunted her for years. (Reuters)

She returned to the United States after the 2011 ruling that freed her, but she was sentenced in absentia to prison again in 2014 – until Italy’s highest court overturned that decision in 2015, ending the possibility of future trials.

But years later, Knox’s nickname continues to follow her.

"It's almost like living a double life where I'm in a limbo space where Amanda Knox, a real person exists, 'Foxy Knoxy,' an idea of a person exists, and I'm constantly having to juggle how someone is interacting with me based upon that two-dimensional person of me that has been in the public's imagination for so long. And I'm not alone in that," Knox told ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

She added: "As soon as you've been labeled something, as soon as you've been given that catchy, salacious nickname, the real you is gone and you are absorbed into this template character."

The exoneree-turned-activist will be appearing in “The Scarlet Letter Reports,” a Facebook video series where she interviews stars such as Amber Rose and Mischa Barton about being demonized by the media.