A Georgia father and his 4-year-old son got creative in hopes of inspiring other dads to build strong relationships with their children. Now, Stanley Freeland and his son, Josiah, are getting the internet's attention for the dance videos they post to social media.

Their account @father_like_sonent2404 on Instagram has tons of videos showcasing their fire moves to hip-hop and trap music.

Sometimes, they even rock matching outfits-- swag!

"I feel father like son videos bring much joy and peace in the world today," Freeland said.

The Freelands live in Atlanta, Ga. and dad uses social media as a way to reach and urge other fathers to build strong relationships with their children by doing activities together.

"What inspired me to do the dance videos is seeing my son happy at dances, and seeing him look up to me," Freeland told FOX 5 DC.

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