A look at deadly immigrant smuggling disasters

A pickup truck crash that killed 15 suspected illegal immigrants in South Texas this week was one of the deadliest immigrant smuggling disasters in recent U.S. history. Below is a list of other notable cases:

— October 2002: 11 immigrants' bodies were found in a latched rail car in Denison, Iowa, that had traveled north from Mexico.

— May 2003: 19 illegal immigrants died after being packed in a sweltering tractor-trailer abandoned by the driver in Victoria, Texas.

— August 2010: 10 immigrants died when a sport utility vehicle transporting 19 people veered off the highway and rolled southeast of Phoenix.

— April 2012: Nine Mexican immigrants died when a vehicle carrying 18 people crashed in Palmview, Texas, while fleeing Border Patrol.

— July 2012: 15 people from Central America and Mexico were killed when a pickup carrying 23 suspected illegal immigrants ran off the highway in Goliad County, Texas.