A glance at the Penn State sex abuse trial

KEY DEVELOPMENTS: One of the eight alleged victims of Jerry Sandusky — dubbed Victim No. 4 — testified that he was sexually abused on the Penn State campus and in hotels, and got what he said were "creepy love letters" from the former assistant football coach.

ODDS AND ENDS: If you're going to cite a book, then it better be the entire book. That was the rationale in a motion filed by Sandusky lawyer Karl Rominger on Monday that asked Judge John Cleland to admit the complete autobiography "Touched: The Jerry Sandusky Story" as evidence. The filing was a pre-emptive move, with Rominger saying he believed prosecutors might use "snippets" of the book, co-authored by Kip Richael, to mischaracterize Sandusky's actions. Jurors ought to see the whole book, or at least entire chapters, according to Rominger.

WHAT'S NEXT: More testimony is on track Tuesday, with prosecution lawyers likely to call Victim No. 1, whose mother alerted officials at his high school about her concerns that Sandusky was behaving inappropriately with him. That triggered the investigation in 2009 that led to the current charges and trial.