6 teenagers who drowned in Red River in Louisiana were from 2 families

Authorities are identifying the six teenagers who drowned in the Red River in Louisiana as siblings from two families.

Authorities said Tuesday that three of the youngsters were brothers and the others were two brothers and their younger sister.

Authorities say the teens were playing in shallow water when a 15-year-old boy slipped on a slick clay surface, falling into deeper water. The other teens rushed to help the him, but fell into deeper water as well. None of them knew how to swim.

Those who drowned were the Warners: 13-year-old Takeitha and her brothers, 14-year-old JaMarcus and 17-year-old JaTavious. Their cousin, 15-year-old, D.J. Warner, was rescued.

The others killed were the Stewarts: 18-year-old Litrelle, 17-year-old LaDarius and 15-year-old Latevin.