5 years after migrant's death, Hispanics on Long Island say relationship with police is better

Migrants and activists on Long Island say response to the death of Ecuadorean migrant worker five years ago has led to an atmosphere of greater tolerance toward Hispanic immigrants.

They say the reaction has made it easier for them to go to local authorities when they have been victims of crime.

Thirty-seven-year-old Marcelo Lucero (mahr-SEHL'-oh loo-SEHR'-oh) was killed in November 2008 by marauding teenagers he encountered at the tran station in Patchogue (PACH'-awg).

His attackers told a judge targeting Hispanics was something they did for kicks. They were confident that their victims wouldn't call police because they feared questions about their immigration status, or that their complaints would be disregarded.

Residents say police are making a better effort to reach out to the community despite immigration status.