4 Chickens Stolen From The Children's Garden Project in Minneapolis

Four chickens that were part of the Children's Garden Program at Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis were stolen this past week.

The Children's Garden Project started about 28 years ago and has blossomed into a huge program with more than 100 kids who have their hands in this garden.

The goal of the garden is to show teens how to grow and harvest their own food. This year, kids had they opportunity to work with chickens donated to the program by a nearby farmer. In addition to planning, planting and harvesting the garden, the kids also looked after the five chickens. They fed them, cleaned their pens and collected their eggs until four came up missing.

Over two days last week, Chicken Pie, Chicken Patty, Henny Penny and Thelma were stolen from the farm.

The park board believes the people who stole the chickens used bricks to get up and closer to the top of the coop's fence so it's easier to jump in. Once inside, they used wire cutters to get through some chicken wire, and then climbed into coop to get the chickens out. The park board says they got out the same way they got in.

The thieves were even able to break through the plywood reinforcements put up after the first break-in. There aren't any real good clues as to who broke in and stole the birds.

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