$353,000 in jewelry reportedly stolen from apartments in Trump Tower

Detectives in New York City are investigating reports of two thefts inside apartments in Trump Tower on Sunday that resulted in more than $350,000 worth of gems stolen—including a $117,000 diamond bracelet from an apartment on the 59th floor.

Reports of the thefts were first published by the New York Post.

One woman reported various gem-encrusted pieces missing from her 42nd-floor closet. The items reportedly disappeared between June 21 and Sept. 9. A police spokesman told The New York Times that investigators haven’t identified a suspect and are looking at everyone with access to the building.

Trump plans to stay at his penthouse Sunday night. He’s to deliver a speech at the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday.

“It’s not somebody breaking into the building or roaming the halls, trying the doors until they find one that’s open,” one source told the New York Post.


The report said the thefts involved a Graff diamond bracelet and another stash valued at $236,000. That stash included a Harry Winston diamond bracelet.

The Associated Press contributed to this report