300-Pound Chimp Goes 'Donkey Kong' in Kansas City Neighborhood

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An escaped chimpanzee has been relocated to an animal refuge after wreaking havoc in a Kansas City neighborhood, fox4kc.com reports.

The 300-pound chimp, named "Sue," was spotted wandering through a neighborhood on Tuesday, destroying a gate, fence and police car, according to the station.

"Sue" -- short for "Suko" -- had escaped from her owner's home for about an hour on Tuesday afternoon.

The animal was finally coaxed back into a cage in the back of a truck by her owner after a tranquilizer dart failed to knock her out and she climbed a tree, the station reports.

Neighbor Michael Abrom reportedly said that he climbed up to his roof, hoping that the ape wouldn't come after him.

"We hear a bang on the door, and we're thinking it's somebody, and then we hear people screaming outside, so then we go to look out the window and it's a chimpanzee, you know like a 300-pound big guy," Abrom told the station. "Not no small, little baby thing. A huge monkey."

Witnesses reportedly said that at one point, Sue gave KCMO Animal Control officers the middle finger. She then pushed a trash can into a police car and then cracked the patrol car's windshield with her hands, according to the station.

Abrom compared it with the 1980's video game "Donkey Kong."

"The monkey jumped on top of the car, did a 'Donkey Kong' smash on the cops' window and got crazy," he said.

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