CHICAGO (AP) — Three men have been indicted on federal charges that accuse them of conning people into buying more than $100 million in bogus software by convincing them their computers were infected by malicious programs.

A federal grand jury in Chicago returned indictments Wednesday against 26-year-old James Reno of Amelia, Ohio, and Bjorn Daniel Sundin and Shaileshkumar (shal-ESH'-koo-mar) Jain.

Sundin is a 31-year-old Swedish citizen believed to live in Sweden. Jain is a 40-year-old American authorities believe is in the Ukraine.

The indictment says Jain and Sundin sold a pieces of bogus software through their company, Innovative Marketing Inc. Reno is accused of running call centers for Innovative Marketing.

None of the three are in custody.