2 Colombians accused in US of trafficking 3 tons of cocaine

Two Colombian nationals have been extradited to Los Angeles to face federal charges of overseeing shipments of thousands of pounds of cocaine in Central and South America that ended up in the United States.

The U.S. Attorney's Office said Wednesday that 36-year-old Dicson Penagos-Casanova and 34-year-old Juan Gabriel Rios Sierra were responsible for shipments of at least $70 million in seized cocaine.

An indictment said the duo oversaw shipments from laboratories in Colombia to Central American distribution hubs. From there the cocaine was smuggled into the U.S. for sale in Los Angeles and other cities.

The indictment focuses on two air shipments last year with a combined weight of more than 3 tons.

Penagos and Rios are scheduled for arraignment Wednesday. It wasn't known if they have attorneys.