12 Navy sailors implicated in submarine shower scandal

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U.S. Navy sailors are suspected of viewing secretly recorded videos of female shipmates undressing in a submarine shower, the Navy Times reports.

The scandal, exposed early this month by the Navy Times, has impaired the Navy’s gender-integration effort begun four years ago.

The investigation report reveals that at least one sailor has been implicated in the production and distribution of the videos, while 11 others are suspected of watching the tapes and failing to report them to their commanders.


Navy officials believe three or four women were recorded during their service on the ballistic-missile submarine Wyoming, based in Georgia. The women are among the first female sailors to serve in the submarine force.

"Incidents that violate the trust of our sailors go against every core value we hold sacred in our naval service," Vice Adm. Michael Connor wrote in a letter to group commanders, the Navy Times reported. "They are incredibly humiliating to the individuals victimized, and to every service member in our force, male or female."

According to the Navy Times, the videos are believed to show a unisex shower area used by about 15 officers. There are about 155 sailors aboard the Wyoming. When female sailors are using the showers, they reportedly change a sign on the door that alerts their male colleagues, who wait until the area is unoccupied.

The investigation on the videos continues, Connor said. He added that the incident should not serve as an indictment of the integration of women on submarines.

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