TikTok vid from Universal Orlando shows no social distancing, crowded park: report

Visitors to the Florida park were filmed bunched together

That doesn’t look like social distancing.

While some amusement parks have reopened, many have announced new regulations in light of the coronavirus pandemic. These new policies often include measures to keep the parks from becoming too crowded and forcing people to walk close to each other.

A viral video appears to show that crowds have formed at least one amusement park.

TikTok user Damarri_Eddie posted a video to the social media network, and it begins by showing Universal Studios completely empty. The footage is captioned, “What I thought Universal Studios was looking like during COVID.”

The footage then cuts to show Universal Studios full of people, crowded together. All of the park guests can be seen wearing face masks in the footage, implying that it was taken after the park’s reopening (as face masks are required for guests).

According to Universal Studio’s website, guests are told to practice keeping 6 feet between people (or groups).


A viral video appears to show that crowds have formed at least one amusement park.

A viral video appears to show that crowds have formed at least one amusement park. (iStock)

The video has been viewed over 879,000 times on TikTok.

In a statement obtained by Fox News, a spokesperson for Universal said, "For the health and safety of our guests and team members, we have limited capacity at our parks since we reopened. We also continue to strictly enforce our enhanced health and safety protocols, including mandatory temperature checks and facial coverings for guests and team members, limited capacity on rides and within food venues and social distancing requirements. All of this has been done with guidance and approval from local health officials. We also have teams of special trained, dedicated, guest service ambassadors positioned throughout our parks and CityWalk to help enforce our guidelines and quickly react to any issues."


The statement continued, "Over this past holiday weekend, all our parks quickly reached our capacity limits and were closed early in the day. And despite plenty of signs and warnings, guests occasionally needed to be reminded of our guidelines as they traveled through open-air pathways and public areas. Our guest ambassadors worked to quickly respond as needed."