'Suicidal' passenger allegedly tried opening door on Republic Airways flight, screaming she needed to die

A young woman on a Republic Airways-operated Delta flight reportedly became "suicidal" and attempted to open an exit door upon descent into New York’s LaGuardia airport on Friday afternoon, according to a fellow passenger.

The flight, which originated at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport and appeared to be operated by Delta Air Lines, was said to be delayed on the tarmac while passengers provided statements to authorities.

View Of a Delta flight in The Netherlands.

View Of a Delta flight in The Netherlands.


Passenger Stacy Herbert shared news of the incident on Twitter, claiming that the girl’s father was the one who got the young woman away from the door.

“A young woman in perhaps her early twenties became suicidal and tried to open the door of plane as we descended into LGA,” Herbert wrote. “Her father pulled her from door. She was screaming her head off that she needed to open the door and die.”

Herbert added that all passengers were being held on the tarmac while giving their statements to police. She also shared footage of what appeared to be emergency vehicles standing by outside the aircraft.

Another passenger shared a tweet claiming to have seen the same situation unfold on the flight, writing that "all hell broke loose" after the woman went for the door.

Additionally, in audio alleged to be recorded between the cockpit and air traffic control, a crew member can be heard telling officials on the ground that there was a “mentally disturbed passenger trying to open the forward door,” but that the situation was under control, NBC New York reported.

A representative for Republic Airways could not immediately provide a statement on the incident, but did confirm that the flight landed "uneventfully" before proceeding toward the gate.


Friday’s incident marks the latest in a string of similar incidents, including that of an Easyjet passenger who attempted to open the plane’s door between England and Italy in April, and a Frontier Airlines passenger who opened a cabin door as the plane was taxiing at an airport in Cancun in October 2018. In both instances, the passengers were restrained in their seats until police arrived.

If you or someone you know is considering suicide, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).