Getaways for adults

Sunsets….clinking wine glasses…..a crying baby!

The last thing you want on an adult getaway  when romance is on the agenda is to be surrounded by kids—especially if you have left yours at home or don’t have any.

This is the time to seek out adult-only all-inclusive resorts like Sandals or Couples.  Many Bed and Breakfasts  discourage young children but it is always wise to ask before you book if they are expecting many kids that weekend or if they have an age restriction for children.

Wherever you go, avoid school vacation periods too if you want to make sure there aren’t going to be a lot of kiddos around.  Visit a national park.  Yellowstone in winter is amazing!  (Here’s what I wrote about visiting then.)

Opt for cruise lines like Windstar (they are the gorgeous sleek sailing ships) or Azamara  that don’t offer extensive children’s programs or at the very least, if you want to sail a major line like Carnival, work with a cruise agent who can help you choose a sailing that won’t be packed with kids  (Check out where you can both get a deal and help from a live person who knows the industry!) 

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Choose an adventure trip from a company like Wildland Adventures  that is especially geared for adults whether you want to   head to Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula  to hike in the rain forest, cruise from island to island in Indonesia or  hike the Inca Trail in Peru. Try an expedition cruise arranged by Adventuresmith Explorations.

Go where families don’t. South Beach is probably a better bet than Orlando, though you’d be surprised how much there is to do for adults there—from golf to spa to shopping, even driving a NASCAR Race Car at the Richard Petty Driving Experience.

You can’t do much to avoid kids on a plane—even in first class. But my experience is you’ll find fewer of them if you spring for the extra-legroom seats.  At the very least, those little legs probably can’t reach to kick your seat the entire way from New York to Miami.

And if you want to indulge your inner foodie without  kids at nearby tables, opt to eat late.  Even the most discerning restaurants are hosting more families these days but they tend to eat earlier.  It doesn’t hurt to mention when you are making your reservation that you are hoping for a kid-free experience and ask for guidance about when to book.

Ready for that second bottle of wine?