Best vacation splurges for your tax refund

Your tax refund could provide the perfect opportunity to travel. The average tax refund averages approximately $3000 each year–enough for an amazing vacation, if you plan wisely. If you are ready to take your tax money and take off, here are some of the best splurges for your refund.

An adventure in Marrakech, Morocco

Getting there can be pricey (think in the $800-dollar range with rising fuel costs), but once you have arrived you can make your trip as budget-friendly as possible. Sitting right at the foot of the Atlas mountains, Marrakech has a stunning collection of architectural, historical and cultural sights for its visitors. For natural beauty, check out the Marjorelle Gardens, an eye-popping collection of rare plants first designed by a French painter, then restored by the fashion legend Yves Saint Laurent. If you are seeking out a little more action, take a stroll through the lively main square, called the Djeema el-Fna. Grab a snack while you watch musicians and dancers perform right in the heart of town.

To make the most out of your tax refund and stay as long as possible, book a hostel or discount hotel. Right now you can stay at a luxury hotel like the Sejour Maroc for under $100 a night. You can also enjoy local fare at food stalls and market places instead of eating at a restaurant every night. In Marrakech, these stalls are not your rinky-dink tourist traps–they have been around for generations and are patronized by locals and visitors alike. At a food stall, you can devour an entire three course meal for a song, while taking in the lively night life in this bustling metropolis.

Beach lounging in Acapulco, Mexico

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You have worked hard for that tax refund and now may be the time for some rest and relaxation. Acapulco is one of the most popular resort towns in Mexico, and for good reason. Sprawling beaches look out out onto the Pacific while palm trees sway softly on the ocean breeze. If at some point, you want to take a break from floating on the tides and soaking in the rays, Acapulco also boasts some great sights. You can get a taste of history at the El Fuerte de San Diego, a museum that was once a fortress. To experience adventure without risking your neck, watch cliff divers perform amazing feats, all from the comfort of a restaurant. Of course, all this is optional, as you can just kick back and enjoy a cool drink on the beach. Flights right now from New York will cost you about $650 but look out for package deals in late Spring.  Click here to check out some ideas on where to stay.

A romantic getaway in Buenos Aires, Argentina

You and a sweetheart can tango the night away in the capital of Argentina. Tango is just one of the infinite pleasures you can find in Buenos Aires. Try some of the famous Argentine wine varietals, like Malbec, which you can experience at tastings, tours or beautiful bars all over the city. Dining is top-notch in the Buenos Aires, and the country is renowned for its delicious cuts of beef. And check out some hidden gems off the beaten path too, like Casa SaltShaker.  Buenas Aires is filled with cultural history, and to see cutting-edge art, check out the Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires. If you want to escape the city for a day, you can arrange for a short trip to a the beach or countryside and take a horseback riding lesson. Once you know your way around the horses, try to catch a polo match (or play one yourself!). If you want to trade in a refund for romance, Buenos Aires is a destination just right for love and adventure. Air tickets from Miami to Buenos Aires are as low as $704 right now, but with the falling value of the U.S. dollar versus the Argentine peso you'll have to keep the splurges to a minimum.