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Friday Lightning Round: Health Care Repeal

All-Star panel debates repeal vote

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  1. Libyan Regime Clinging to Power

    Clashes increasingly bloody as Qaddafi blocks coverage of protests

  2. Are American Soldiers Already on the Ground in Libya?

    'The Factor' learns that U.S. troops, as well as French and British operatives, are in war-torn nation

  3. Clinton Talks Ongoing Situation In Libya

    Clinton: Arab participation critical

  4. Middle East on Brink of Collapse?

    Violence spirals out of control in Libya, protests continue in Iran

  5. Crisis in Egypt: What's Next for U.S. Diplomacy?

    Former U.S. ambassador to Egypt on U.S. foreign policy in Egypt

  6. Should U.S. Impose No-Fly Zone on Libya?

    Panel's take on the implications it can have on American foreign policy

  7. Washington Paying Close Attention to Mideast Unrest

    Protests sweeping across Arab world threaten U.S. interests

  8. Middle East Protests Spread

    Other nations inspired by Tunisia, Egypt

  9. Bucket List Travel

    Seven destinations worth going out of your way for

  10. Imam's Taxpayer-Funded Mideast Tour

    Controversial imam makes 'goodwill tour' of the Middle East

  11. Drive Like A Woman

    New website targets female car enthusiasts

  12. Study: Al Qaeda Hurts Muslims Most

    Stats show vast majority of terror group's victims are Muslims

  1. Libya According to Newt

    Gingrich attempts to clarify stance on Libya, calls Obama's strategy confused

  2. Newt Gingrich Talks Policy and Presidential Politics

    Former speaker of the House on 'Fox News Sunday'

  3. Italy's Berlusconi Indicted in Prostitution Probe

    Prosecutors say Italian premier paid for sex with 17-year-old

  4. CAIR Fights Back

    CAIR Oklahoma Executive Director Muneer Awad tells Alan why he’s suing to block a new measure banning Shariah law

  5. Sex Scandal in Italy

    Italian PM under investigation

  6. Geraldo Rivera Reports From Libya

    Rebels hold rally in stronghold of Benghazi

  7. Sex Scandal Rocks Italy

    Probe into Prime Minister Berlusconi's relationship with teen dancer