App allows tourists to travel back in time to historic London

While scientists have yet to perfect the time machine, your smartphone may have more time traveling power than you think.

The Museum of London recently re-released an app that overlays historic photographs of London across whatever the user is looking at in present day to create an augmented reality of the city.

The app, titled Streetmuseum 2.0, was originally released in 2010 and now offers real-time 3D street views and more than 100 new locations of some of London’s most iconic landmarks. In 3D view, the app is able to recognize your location and overlay an old black and white photograph over your current view.

The photographs, taken as early as 1863, are all drawn from the Museum of London’s extensive archives.

“Our collection provides a fabulous visual history of London, across all aspects of London life,” Anna Sparham, the museum’s curator of photographs told Metro.“Streetmuseum allows these photographs to be seen by a new audience, and in a thrilling context.”

The updated version is now available on iTunes. Click on the slideshow above to see some of the app’s fascinating views.

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